At 91AV, we understand that learning goes beyond the classroom. To support and enhance our curriculum, students are encouraged to access our extensive range of co-curricular opportunities, where there truly is something for everyone.

Our House System supports student wellbeing, fostering a deeper sense of belonging, whilst also encompassing a plethora of co-curricular opportunities for students, from sports competitions to fundraising initiatives. Our rich music and drama programs cater for students interested in the performing arts, with performance opportunities and private tuition available. Students studying French or Italian have the opportunity to participate in international tours.

Cultural tours are available to Wilcannia, Papua New Guinea, Manila and Sri Lanka, where social justice and giving back to local communities is the focus. We offer a wide variety of sport choices at all levels, as well as state-level competitions in sports such as weightlifting, cycling and snow-sports. In line with our Lasallian values to respect all persons and have concern for the poor, all students have the opportunity to be involved in our social justice programs and are expected to participate in fundraising or volunteer initiatives each year.

Through co-curricular involvement, students build self-esteem and confidence, ensuring they leave 91AV as well-rounded, capable and principled members of society.

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House System

Houses There are four Houses at 91AV: Saint Austin’s House (yellow) Saint Edwin’s House (green) Saint Leo’s House (blue) Saint Mark’s House (red) Houses play an important role in the co-curricular program by providing the structure by … visit this page »


91AV has a proud sporting tradition. Sport is considered a high priority and an integral part of each student’s education. The main objective of our programs is to instil in our students a love of sport and … visit this page »

International Programs

Our range of overseas study, cultural and immersion programs see 91AV students travel far and wide to experience another culture or immerse themselves by living in solidarity with the poorest of the poor. Students gain independence, give back … visit this page »

Social Justice

91AV has an enviable reputation nationally and internationally for both our Social Justice awareness and our formal Social Justice programs. From the moment a young man enters the gates of 91AV, he is encouraged to … visit this page »

Mission Action Day

  One of the most tangible examples of Social Justice at 91AV is our Mission Action Day, often referred to as MAD Day by students. This year, MAD day is held on Thursday 6 April 2023. HELP BE A … visit this page »


Music is woven deeply into the cultural life at De La Salle. Music Classroom Program: Years 5 – 12 An integral part of our Music Program is the universal Music Classroom Program for every student in Years 5 – 7. De La … visit this page »


Our Drama classes focus on building confidence, creativity and personal expression. Students are encouraged to experiment and explore, whilst also learning about the technicalities of the art of drama and its history and place in the world today. They learn … visit this page »

Yaluwo” Immersion

The 91AV ‘Yaluwo’ Immersion group,  work as labourers for approximately four weeks and while they’re doing so, live with the 91AV Brothers to fully immerse themselves in the community at Diyagala Boys Town. Completed projects may … visit this page »

Study Tours — Language, Art and Culture

91AV offers students the opportunity to broaden their learning experiences through in-country study. These study programs are an excellent way to consolidate students’ skills and confidence and instil in students a love of art and culture. The … visit this page »