Student Wellbeing

Fundamental to our Lasallian tradition is the concern for each and every student’s wellbeing. Ensuring a safe, respectful and enriching environment is the responsibility of all members of the College community.

Health Centre

To provide support for students, the College has a fully equipped Health Centre which is staffed by qualified first aiders who work closely with the School Psychologists, the Director of Students, the Head of Year 9 Campus and Deputy Principal – Students to provide healthcare and pastoral support.

The Health Centre staff maintain medical records for each student. Parents are able to update their son’s records including contact numbers/address/emergency contacts through the . All medical records are confidential, unless deemed necessary for teaching staff to be informed.

Students requiring medical action plans for medical conditions including Anaphylaxis, Diabetes, Asthma, and Epilepsy must submit these plans on commencement at the College and these are updated annually.

Short term medications will be held in the Health Centre for individual students. They must be contained in original packaging, labelled clearly with dosage instructions and current expiry date. A signed medical consent permission form must accompany the medication. Only Ventolin or similar medication for the relief of Asthma is to be carried by the student. No other medications should be carried by the students. In the case of an emergency, pain relief (paracetamol) and antihistamine medication may be administered by the Health Centre with parental/guardian consent. In the event of any medication being administered, parents/guardians will be notified by the Health Centre staff.

Anaphylaxis is life threatening. An EpiPen must be provided for all students identified at risk of anaphylaxis reaction. An ASCIA Anaphylaxis Action Plan with a current photograph of the student and signed by a Medical Practitioner must be provided to the College. EpiPens must be taken on all excursions/camps and any other off campus activity. Students without EpiPens will not be allowed to attend camps or excursions.

The Health Centre is designed to assist students with minor ailments. Parents will be contacted if their son is unwell and unable to attend class. Students are not permitted to ring their parents themselves or leave the school without permission.

Please refer to 91AV individual Policies and Procedures for comprehensive information regarding Student Wellbeing, Pastoral Care and First Aid. The Health Centre is open Monday – Friday from 9.50am – 2.30pm during the school Term.

Health Centre: Kylie Upton on (03) 9508 2144healthcentre@delasalle.vic.edu.au.

School Psychologists

The School Psychologists support the mission, vision and values of the College community and the College’s Lasallian tradition wherein respect is the foundation for all relationships. Our focus on maintaining and cultivating the wellbeing of all students is reflected in the appointment of two School Psychologists.

The School Psychologists provide support across all three campuses. The School Psychologists are trained, credentialed members of their professional associations including the Australian Psychological Society and AHPRA. Our School Psychologists are trained and competent in delivering therapy using a range of therapeutic approaches (e.g. CBT, Person Centred, Attachment Focused).

School Psychologists provide individual counselling for a range of presenting issues including, but not limited to:

  • mental health problems;
  • behavioural difficulties;
  • relationships (peer and family); and
  • traumatic life events and grief.

If the needs of the student or their family cannot be met by the School Psychologists, attempts will be made to refer them to an appropriate external service. Support of the student will continue while this referral is underway.

The School Psychologists’ are able to undertake educational and psychological assessment and diagnosis in areas of child and adolescent development including:

  • educational assessments involving intelligence testing;
  • measurement of educational achievement; and
  • specific learning difficulties, reading and communication disorders.

Testing is not undertaken lightly and will only be completed following discussions with teachers, Year Level/House Coordinators, the Head of Year 9 Campus, parents and the student. Ideally, testing is done to clarify specific questions regarding the students’ academic strengths and/or weaknesses or to clarify or explore the possibility of learning disorders. A completed referral must be included and the decision to conduct testing remains the domain of the School Psychologists. Testing can be a time consuming process and the day to day support of individual students will remain the priority.

At times, the School Psychologists may offer a group program to students. These may include groups for:

  • self-esteem;
  • management of mood disorders (anxiety/depression);
  • social skills;
  • managing stress; and
  • navigating relationships.

Participation in any group program is voluntary unless there is agreement between parents and school leadership. Students can access the School Psychologists by dropping in, emailing or with the help of their Class or House Mentor, Year Level or House Coordinator or the Head of Year 9 Campus.

Parents can contact the School Psychologists with any concerns they have and can organise an appointment to speak to a psychologist or request a psychologist to speak to their child. Counselling is confidential as obliged by legal requirements and the ethical and professional dictates of their profession.

The School Psychologists are bound by the College’s commitment to Child Safety.

The contact information of the School Psychologists are as follows:

School Psychologist 
(03) 9508 2126

Anthony Freeman
School Psychologist
(03) 9508 2183