Primary Sport

Our Primary Sport program engages Year 5 and 6 students in inter-school competitions in Football, Swimming, Athletics, and Netball against other Dendy District primary school teams. Additionally, students have the opportunity to participate in Dendy District round-robin tournaments including Hoop Time (basketball), Cricket Blast T20, Lightning Premiership Soccer, Netball, and AFL football.

Internal Sport

Throughout their secondary schooling, students can participate in a diverse range of internal sports. In the middle years, activities like Ultimate Frisbee, AFL 9’s, soccer, basketball, hockey, table tennis, cricket, volleyball, and tennis are available. Senior secondary students enjoy similar options plus spinning and circuit classes, weight training, and boxing sessions.

ACC Sport

91AV has been a proud participant in Associated Catholic College (ACC) Sport since 1920. Now catering to over 16,500 students, the ACC offers a wide range of events and activities. The program features weekly sports for all year levels and major championships in athletics, swimming, and cross country. Students can also partake in one-day ACC tournaments in lawn bowls, golf, and chess. Our sports terms include activities like tennis, cricket, volleyball, football, soccer, badminton, basketball, hockey, and table tennis, all coached by experienced professionals. Emphasis is placed on skill development and progression in each sport.

High Performance Sport Program

91AV boasts a strong history of nurturing elite athletes. Our High-Performance Sports Program, launched in 2021, focuses on disciplines like AFL football, basketball, cricket, swimming, and soccer. Renowned coaches lead these programs, such as Roger Grech and Nick Walsh in AFL, alongside experts in soccer, basketball, and cricket. The program caters to student athletes at various levels, from those seeking to improve their skills to high achievers in our High-Performance pathways.

Our comprehensive sports program, aligned with our academic and wellbeing support, offers a pathway for every student from Year 5 to 12 at 91AV, Malvern.